Lawn Maintenance

Dan Steenstra Landscaping can personalize your lawn maintenace program with weekly mowing & trimming, organic hybrid fertilization, and tree & shrub maintenance.


Outdoor Lighting

Dan Steenstra Landscaping can design and install lighting to showcase your outdoor space.  We use low voltage outdoor LED lights for a long term investment and limited electric usage.  Ask about our Bluetooth controllers and free lighting demonstration.  Outdoor lighting maintenace available upon request.



Dan Steenstra Landscaping can design and install your backyard patios, retaining walls, garden steps, courtyards, and much more. We use high quality stone pavers in a wide verity of colors.

Irrigation Installation & Maintenance

Key advantages of installing an irrigation system are to prevent the spread of disease by evenly dispersing the water droplets and allowing the water to target the root system of your turf and flowers to prevent weed growth. By setting your timing schedule you can prevent run off and the loss of nutrients from overwatering which aid in the soil’s structure. An irrigation system can also save you time and money.

Dan Steenstra Seasonal Irrigation Services:

  • Irrigation Design and Installation : We have specially trained technicians that measure and divide your square footage to design head to head coverage of your property.  We install using pipe pulling to prevent spots from settling weeks after the service.
  • Spring Activation : We activate your irrigation system and provide irrigation system maintenance as we get your irrigation system ready for spring.
    Mid-Season Tune-Up : After the spring rains, we can evaluate dry areas and make fine-tune adjustments to your controller and sprinkler heads to properly and efficiently water your lawn during the peak usage times.
    Winterization : We prep and protect all irrigation system components for the long, cold winter and guarantee against freeze damage.
    System Repairs : We have years of experience and are well equipped to service all kinds of repairs, no matter the brand. Just call us when needed and we can send a technician to check it out.

Ask about our full season contract.


Irrigation Head
core aeration

Core Aeration and OverSeeding

Core Aeration reduces thatch in your lawn while it opens the way for air, water and fertilizer to reach the root zone of your grass. Seeding at this time provides for the best seed to soil contact and weather conditions. Core Aeration & Seeding is the secret to getting the most out of your other lawn care services.

bucketless spray

Mosquito and Tick Control Services

Dan Steenstra Landscaping has partnered with Guardian Mosquito and Tick Control to insure enjoyment of your outdoor living space.

Seasonal Mosquito Control
Our seasonal protection for mosquito control is just that, our certified technicians treat your property all season long for one set price. We come out every 2 to 3 weeks depending on weather and activity to protect your investment. Our product is an organic hybrid blend with a garlic oil base and select EPA registered control products to create barrier protection without harmful effects. Seasonal protection is prorated so you can sign up anytime to start enjoying your space.

Seasonal Tick Control
Our seasonal tick control is slightly different as they do not have the same life cycle as mosquitoes. The season is a little longer and the product is a cedar based organic hybrid blend applied to key areas ticks live and breed. Tick control is also effective for fleas as they have a similar life cycle. This service is only needed every 6 to 8 weeks and can be used with seasonal mosquito control for triple the protection.

Contact us to guard your yard today!



Landscape and Flower Bed Design

Dan Steenstra Landscaping has partnered with Edenscape in Shippensburg, PA to create a beautiful yet functional design for your home.